Aug 12, 2014
Sonic-Speed17 (All reviews)
What seem to start off as just a little series that gave people a laugh turned into something new for the series.

For starters, Rito always seem to be put in situations that aren't entirely his fault and by this point everyone knows what happens. However, this season gives somewhat of a plot and cliffhanger for a new season which will lead further into it.

The one I didn't like about the series who Tear who was introduced in episode 10. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that shes a bad character in any way, it's just that you only get to see her for only an episode's worth of time and probably would have been a main character otherwise. Another thing I was annoyed by how intense the fanserive got: this was a show that I came to laugh at because of all the shenanigans that Lala (who in season 3 is a side character!) brought into the show turned into just about borderline porn (at least in the characters heads).

I felt that this season wasn't in touch with what it started with in season 1. Don't even start about how "season 1 is not based off the manga" BS because Motto (season 2) is the Exact Same Thing!