Jun 8, 2009
shanimebib (All reviews)
Well i was just bored at only watching ongoing shows for a while and just wanted to give a marathon of a random anime and then i picked this anime i dont know why.

the synopsis and the original plot was absurd enough to ruin my interest, however, i kinda liked the main girl shizuka and ryo's sister akane from the first episode and decided to stick with it.

in the end, i am glad that i finished it and its way way better than stupid anime like akane-iro no somaro saka. if anyone compares this anime with akane-iro, then they have pretty bad anime taste.


plot: one word. stupid.

story development: the anime started with stupid child birth issue forced by government, midway became an unasked for love triangle and ended up close ended and if it hadn't, i would have given this anime a 5/10 after all the affections she showed for him, did i just spoil you, i think i didnt, because from the start you can tell there was only one girl for him. unlike ichigo 100%/ urgh. i had to remember that sub per anime.

characters: 13 eppys x 12 mins runtime wasnt enough to focus on all the characters in the anime but they did great job making them kawaii and at time going chibi-forms which was the best part of the entire anime. the love triangle seemed to be unnecessary but somehow helped develop their feelings for each other on the closing episodes and unlike many anime, ryo isn't a total jackass nor a pervert, which makes him different. and shizuka is like...can i have her for myself?

seiyuu: 10/10. this is where the anime scores the maximum. i loved the way they carried their emotion and feelings, as well as their expressions with their voice, two thumbs up!

art and sound: i watched froth-bite fansubs xvid release and from the medium video quality, i have to say the aniime is neatly drawn and although the BGM wasnt to be found in many cases, the OP and EDs were good enough to give it an overall 8/10.

enjoyment: 9/10. despite having a weak plot, i have to say i loved the last few episodes around the climax. overall the anime was really funny and i had my share of laughing doses and went through romantic labu-labu moments. i wish there was a shizuka popping up in my life, i would have taken her as my wife anytime. she is probably one of the cutest heroins in anime :P

well there ends my robotic regular review, overall the anime gets an 8/10 from me. i wasnt being generous. i have seen many love comedies, and this one falls in the better half. that sums up the overall reaction for you. too bad to see that the average score is below 7, when this anime deserves at least 7.5/10, if not better :/