Jun 7, 2009
YoungVagabond (All reviews)
Nekojiru is about a family of personified cats, focusing primarily on the older sister and her baby brother, as they interact with humans and other talking animals. The duo is selfish and cruel, beating up anyone who gets in the way of their fun.

As a result, these episodes often feature brutal mutilation and death, especially when the much-maligned pigs are involved. At first, this type of bloody gag comedy is fresh and funny, especially considering the cute and childish animation aesthetic.

However, very quickly, the humor starts to feel over-used, boring, and worst of all, predictable. The first two times pigs get killed, it`s funny, but by the twelfth time, the audience is sick of it. It`s almost like the creators had two really funny ideas, and then decided to use each one multiple ones, because they had nothing else. A one-dimensional joke can only work so many times.

It should also be noted that Nekojiro is 27 1-minute shorts. There's no music, and the simplistic art is precisely what appears on the database page. Those categories don't apply or affect the series in the slightest. Hence, overall, Nekojiru is one of the weaker brutal humor shows I`ve seen.

If you want a black comedy with more variety, funnier jokes, and far more violence, check out "Metalocalypse".