Jul 31, 2014
emilsinclair (All reviews)
This was better than I expected. The premise on this series is battles between groups of tanks as an after school club. In this crazy world, this is treated just as another sport which contributes somewhat to feminity. (I wonder what the hell would boys do, given the proper atention by the series: ¿kill each other?, ¿learn to cook?).

Art gets pretty interesting when tanks are battling.

All related to tanks is ok and even seems well documented, but the slice of life with stribes on the girls seems to pale a bit in comparison. Take for instance a moment at episode two or three when the girls hang out together: one girls wears contact lens, another has some utillage in her backpack, and when you think a dialogue will burst out... the scene ends. At least there's almost no slice of life, as this is mostly about battles.

It is obviously impossible to show a development for three to five girls in each of the five tanks (twenty people, if I recall). There are brief stories for three of the main girls. The story involves mostly a world competition.

Music could have been way more epic. Cute versions of belic themes are ok but not awesome. Check, for instance, Strike Witches OST. I would remark: the anglerfish dance and the russian song.

The tank action.
They take this crazy world so seriously that it seems plausible.

The twelve episodes seem to be not enough: the show even skips one of the matches, just showing the resolution (seems it was later made into an OVA).
Too much miraculous shot evading gets notorious. Play a game of tanks and do as they do: you will get blown in three seconds.