Feb 15, 2007
Svinger (All reviews)
Ebichu was one of the first anime series I watched. I got the DVD as a present and one dark and stormy day decided to watch it. Wow. For the first three episodes I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It is just plain weird. I can't describe it better. It_just_is_weird.

Ebichu is about a hamster called Ebichu. Her owner is a single office lady desperate to find a husband. Many jokes center around Ebichu's owner and her good-for-nothing boyfriend. What makes this show worth watching is its extreme humour that springs form this set-up. Warning to all American kids: Contains adult themes, watch this and be sued! Infidelity, sex in it's all forms (and positions... he-he-eeeeh...), gambling, violence and much more. Best advertising speech ever?

Ebichu is best watched with an open mind and maybe a couple of friends and some beverages with alcohol in them. Once in a while you can shout: "Oh those crazy Japanese!" After all I enjoyd Ebichu's twisted humour and recommend this to anyone who can fill all the conditions in the beginning of this paragraph. Try it - I can guarantee that you may or may not be disappointed.