Jul 19, 2014
sushiitaco (All reviews)
Now, you can read the other reviews written by reviewers who have actually contemplated this anime as a whole for at least more than 10 minutes and they will give you a much better review on how Mawaru will make you feel. I'm using this review to tell you how I felt.

I'm hesitant on writing this review because, like Utena, I feel like my review won't be worthy of such an astounding anime. I just finished this anime minutes ago and I really don't feel like this review will be sufficient enough, but I feel the need to write it now.

When I was recommended this anime I was told that the director is the same from Revolutionary Girl Utena (another amazing anime that I love) and that this anime was its "spiritual sequel" (I still really don't fully understand what that means) and that the anime deals with a lot of heavy topics like incest and terrorism. All of these were true.

Mawaru Penguindrum is a well written anime full of symbolism. The first half may catch many of you off guard like it did with me. I assumed this anime was going to be a short ride into a "quirky" anime character's life like with most animes and end on a note that was supposed to be deep or fulfilling somehow, but I was so so so so so wrong. Mawaru takes slight turns into darkness here and there in the first half, but it really changes in the second half. It's like a whole new anime and all the silliness we didn't really understand initially is woven together. Not a single part of the 24 episodes is wasted.

I never hated any of the characters in the end. Even during the anime I didn't hate them. Mawaru really takes time to let you get to know characters and gives you a chance to like them. They aren't just some crazy evil antagonist, they're a person. They aren't some ridiculously inspiring protagonist, they're a person. They're all people that are fighting for what they love and what they believe in; as simple and familiar as that might sound that gets easily forgotten, especially for the antagonists in stories.

Long story short, Mawaru Penguindrum is not what it seems. It's so much more and it makes you remember it and think about it long after. The characters are easy to like and the art and animation is obviously great. You will enjoy it. You will find it outstanding. Please watch this anime at least before you die.

Also as a recommendation anime that you probably already saw coming: Revolutionary Girl Utena. The two go together well and have similar themes. As one of the people who told me to watch Mawaru said, Mawaru Penguindrum is Utena's "spiritual sequel".