Dec 5, 2007
EmeraldWolfChild (All reviews)
(Second review! Eeep!)

Story: Though the story for this season is a bit overused, it holds true to its constant surprises and keeping people wondering what will happen next. Finally gaining some more depth than season one or two, many things happen to show that everything has changed and that life goes on whether they like it or not. Some Shonen-ai hints,generally almost non-existant, might be detected both in the Japanese and English versions, but this is more of a best friend thing compared to anything serious,turning out to be quite touching. I also found the speeches that Takao (Tyson) gave more realistic and down to earth. Story gets an 8.

Animation: A definite improvment from season two and a 200% improvment from season one, the characters finally look their age, although at the end they are drawn considerably more mature. The battle scenes are smooth and bring a huge impact, even though some do repeat themselves. But that is compenstated by the great attention to detail, both on the Bit-Beasts, on the characters, on the blades and on the background. This is even more impressive as the show is Shonen so it deserves its 10.

Sound: New tournaments, new music. The standarts haven't dropped from the previous two seasons. A variety of new sound brings some freshness into the show, adding impact to the various scenes. Deserves a 9.

Character: The biggest surprise is how much the charecters have matured, both physicaly and emotionaly. I was also pleased to find that none of their characteristics were too drastically changed, from the brooding/dark Kai to the happy-go-lucky Takao(Tyson). More about them is found out throught this final season, about regrets that never seemed to be there, a new wave of overprotectivness and the discovery of lost family members. This final season brings out the best in all of them, though at first you might find cheering for those you never thought you would. A 10 all the way!

Enjoyment: It gives you that feeling of wanting to find out more. More often than not you might find yourself standing with your fist raised in the air yelling 'YESS!!' so that your brother or sister look at you strangely. More exciting than real sport and more magic than in any normal-kid anime this is definitely something you should check out.

Overall: A very nice, full ending to the whole series, this final season brings everything to a close while at the same time leaving quite an open- ended ending, so at the same time you get that feeling of satisfaction and dissatisfaction which brings a pleasant mix of emotions. Many things complement each other and you just can't help but feel that yes, this series is awesome!If you like competion, sports, friendship, rivalry and and a bunch of cute guys this anime is fo you^^ And so a 10 is granted.

[When I say shonen-ai hints, I am refering to one of the love/hate relationships that is considered by many Japanese magazines as Canon. Please do not bash my review because of this.]