Jul 15, 2014
Kynov (All reviews)
The phrase of "Dont judge book by its covers" is really true. When we all seeing the short explanation by this anime, we're gonna imagining something great, magnificent, epic battles and stunning art. But in the end it was all just an illusion. Illusion that been made by this anime, summary we're being deceived.

Mahou Sensou or Magical Warfare is anime that technically is about action and magic like the genre has said and thats it. If we're talking about plot, it hasnt. Well, at the first you would introduce that the world has two side world, first it was human world and the other one is wizard and whatever world. Then, somehow without any logical thinking, our MC is choosing to live in magician world just for helping one girl and moreover its the first time that they meet.

The first time i watch this, i cant help to feel cliche and so pushed. Like one scenes that i said before, the MC is choosing to live in magician world just because he cant enjoyed living in his own house and feel urge to save someone he just met. Being heroic, is probably one of the good aspects that the MC must have but realistically speaking, even the stupid people would think twice to risking their live just for saving people. If the this MC called Takeshi have a good reason for it, then it doesnt matter but honestly all of the reason that he give is kinda illogical and another kind of illogical things is how kendo sword that been made wood is capable of fending off a real blade and moreover its a steel one. Oh god.

Aside from logical thinking, another things that quite funny is how easily people can be affecting to use magic. I mean, in this anime the MC or Takeshi is a normal human being and the second later he become magician just because Mui Aiba (the heroine) using magic near of him. Its like "you want to be a magician? then come here i will use my magic and you would become magician! yeah!"

Moving on to the art section, this is probably the worst aspects that this anime have. For anime that been adapted by Madhouse studio the one who brought you Hunter x Hunter (2011), this anime's art is really horrible for anime that airing in 2014. First how the characters design isnt consistent. When watching this, i cant help to notice that in every scenes they draw the characters so badly and something that doesn’t bode too well for an action/fantasy series such as this. Like sometimes, the face looks so awkward like it bents to the otherside.

Another things that probably being controversial is how the character design is like from fate/series. In the opening song, you would see like a white saber with that armor and things, then there is this blonde guy called Kazumi Ida who is looking so similiar with Gilgamesh. For anime that been made by a big studios called Madhouse, surely this one is such a big failure.

After all that, there is one thing that atleast "normal" and so so. It was the sound. There is nothing to much too mention in this term. Good things they have Mamoru Miyano for voicing Takeshi, as usual he did it well and really fits with the MC. For other seiyuus, they did well though i believe it wasnt something special. The one i like from this anime is the ED. Nano with their "Born to be" song is so epic, their fastbeat and energetic song makes this anime looks so epic though it wasnt happen. Such a shame.

Last, the characters. The explanation that i said before maybe give you a glimpse about the characters in this anime. First, we have a "heroic" MC called Takeshi which is have a justice feeling and prepare to help anyone who need to help. ANYONE. At the first we would see that he have such a dark past and trying to make us curious. But honestly well, its failed. I dont understanding what happen in this anime so why would i need to curious about his dark past? and for some circumtances, he is dating with such a beautiful blonde girls named Kurumi Isoshima. She is just your typical tsundere girls, and at last, we have Mui Aiba, our main heroines. She is nothing special to being mention about this. Well, she have a gun. a GUN. Summary, the characters isnt likeable which is the most important things in anime to make the viewers enjoy to watch. They have nothing that makes us to like the characters, after all they all plain characters.

After all that mubbling, i honestly feel guilty to writing this review. I dont want to judge the anime so badly but its just i cant bear it. I am not saying this anime is bad for all of you but in my perspective, this anime is bad though they have a lot of potentials in there. If you're liking action and magic with some cliche romance on it, probably this anime would suit you but honestly, there is still anime that is more better than this one.