Jul 15, 2014
deadsoul336 (All reviews)
- This will be my first anime review.
- Might contain spoilers.

Ga-Rei: Zero, is one of those anime that blew my expectations away; truly an anime I wished I discovered sooner. This anime is so underrated, I hope this review does some good.

"Will you kill someone you love, because of love?"

That quote was what got me interested, and I watched to find the answer.

-Story: Basically two girls, Yomi and Kagura, that has experienced deaths of loved ones by demons. They both belong to families that are destined to be exorcists. They do their best to live up to their family names. One day they met and began to live together as "sisters". They then go and hunt and exorcise demons, which no ordinary human can see, under an agency that specializes in fighting demons.

-Art: I thought the animations were good for an anime that aired in 2008. Byakuei and Ranguren looked awesome. The fighting scenes are well executed. I also really enjoyed the final fight scene. I have to say that the first episode's animation could of been more appealing.

-Sound: I don't pay attention to the sound effects as much, but I said they were good. I really liked the opening song, probably one of the few I don't skip.

-Character: I say this is one of the good aspect of Ga-Rei: Zero. Within the flashbacks, you really get the chance to know more about Yomi and Kagura. You get to find out what their families expect from them, what they been through, and you get to see the change from when they first met to the last scene. Yomi and Kagura were well developed, but supporting characters were not as much. Maybe due to the fact that a bunch of characters got killed in one episode. There was also this white haired kid (forgot his name or wasn't even mentioned) which did some evil stuff and then disappeared 2-3 times. Also got to mention Yomi is my favorite character!

-Enjoyment: I really enjoyed this anime. Enjoyed the fight scenes, the sisters moments, and the family drama. This anime did its job of the demon-exorcist story, but also added overpowered "spiritual beasts" that wrecked stuff up, which was enjoyable.

-Overall: This anime is a without a doubt, a must see anime. You will definitely enjoy this anime if you watch it with an open mind, and don't pay attention on the small things. This anime started from an anime that I missed out on to being one of my all time favorites. What's even better is this is a prequel so it only contains a small amount of the whole story since it continues in the manga. So some things such as character development might be resolved there.