May 21, 2009
Dredgy (All reviews)
Have you ever been in… love?

Well that’s the pop up question in this anime. It’s about love affairs that can be ended to love struck.

~Story~ [8]

The stories between each of the characters are a bit specific, somewhat predictable and have the same issue. The issues bring a funny and interesting twist. We can call it a “love triangle or a misunderstanding love”.

It's about middle-schoolers and high schoolers searching for their ideal prince and princess to be able to form their first love, and thinking optimistically to live a happy ever after but in the end they fall into some kind of other twist. Attitudes, appearances, and traits are the basis on picking their ideal one’s that make a well-formed twist for them to encounter. But the question is, does the searching and making love improves on each episode, well there’s a little improvement on fulfilling it and if there’s a little improvement maybe we will come up on thinking that there will be minor details about it, and the answer of it “yes there is”, and on the other hand there’s always been a shock when cupid caught their hearts that became somewhat predictable and it’s always been alike on every character.

Overall it has a little improvement but many twist to make fun around them, but though the story is not finished and already on the halfway probably on its following episodes it will get serious.

~Art & Animation~ [7]

The art is… well a bit ok for me, for the main characters to have a face that resembles a moon head figure. The art on the background is a bit faint and the characters are somewhat faded. The animation is a bit daring for an ecchi; panties, boobs and naughty scenes are shown.

~Sound~ [6.8]

The OP and ED theme songs are a bit catchy and the voices of each character are an okay for me, nothing unusual to be thrilled on.

~Characters~ [8]

A group of middle-schoolers and some high schoolers that has distinct standard on picking their ideal partner. All of the characters have different characteristics and different affairs to encounter. Well this is not a shock that this idea will come up to the story, but come on can be this story be too simple, maybe not, but they come up on improvising character traits, attitudes and daring poses that will help to hold up viewers on watching, for me it rather looks like a little fun to watch yet it’s kind of a bit boring and for the whole thing this is all thanks for relying on naughty and romance display.

~Enjoyment~ [7]

Enjoyed some funny and daring scenes on watching, but it does not always gives such fun, and also by the help of the twist the story looks like a bit interesting so continuing it will not much harm yet it stills on the halfway of all its episodes, therefore, hopefully there will be more exciting scene to watch on its following episodes.

~Overall~ {8 + 7 + 6.8 + 8 + 7 = 36.8 / 5} [7.36 or 7.4]

A kind of unusual love affair between characters, it is somewhat unique because of the unusual attitudes of characters, it’s naughty and comedy scenes somewhat helps just to be on but thinking about it, it’s not attractive enough. Maybe the great factor here is the twist behind it. Well, it’s better to give it a try if you have much spare time to give on such anime.

Maybe experiencing somnambulism will made it a lot more fun. @-@

It might be updated when the series ends…