Jul 10, 2014
digriot (All reviews)
I will come back to the title and explain it but first few words about author, Yoshinobu Yamada. Hi is artist and writer in all his works and that's kinda normal in the world of manga but not that much normal in comic world where sometime few artists do same art. So from my point of view, his soul (as an artist) is in each manga and i like this new one. Perhaps you have already met with some of his works, first there was Young Castaways in 1999, Chanbara 2003, Cage of Eden 2008, Charon 2013 and now Deathtopia. The first chapter is issued, contains 52 pages and is published by Kodansha. There is not much of plot you can check, most of info say just few words about what to expect but after reading first chapter i will just tell you what kinda manga it is or is not.

The weird

The main protagonist is Fujimara Kou, a 19 year old student, while trying to catch thief, car hits him and he ends in hospital. Incident with the car broke his bones around the eyes and he must go immediately to surgery, after it finished and while resting was attacked by a girl named Laura. Before the incident, he wore glasses but after he see perfect, maybe too perfect, because some people don’t have facial expressions. So for now I see him as a weird one.

The Bad

Antagonist is Laura, was introduced to us on page 12, for now we don't know why Laura hate Kou but she want to take his eyes and while fighting, Laura told Kou “You see, this is because you're an extremely dangerous man…!". He almost died there but then three more girls entered room. The strange thing about her is that she was shot, crashed through the window from the third or fourth floor and remained alive, she is not human but from that point we don't know more info.

The good

I bet you already waiting to check who's good here, ok ok Kou is good but we still don't know nothing about him. And for now he got saved by three girls who shot Laura, tried to kill her then vanished without trace so for now they are „good“ side. They also appear on the last page but who are those three girls?.

Action is dynamic and there is a good balance of scene… i am talking about the scenes that contain a lot of detail and those containing less. Further more, Yamada constantly attracts us to keep track of the action and discover more about Kou. My only wish is for Yamada to bring forward some cool abilities. What we have before us is only the first chapter, therefore i can't evaluate the manga but I have a feeling I'll be sure to check the next sequel.