Jul 9, 2014
Kekin (All reviews)
This movie is a bland mesh of sub-par action and mediocre CGI.

My expectation of this movie was to have a cheap 90s action romp (in the same vein as Predator or True Lies) only with anime and a robot bunny thing.

What I got was like 5-7 minutes of meaningless action in a 80 minute movie. This movie was boring.

I'll save you guys time with a quick summary. There's this blonde chick who's sorta in love with the robot thing, except the robot thing is actually a guy with a prosthetic head. Does he have a brain? How does he think? I don't know. Then there's this underlying story that's not delved in much detail about how this city's built upon a destroyed city. And this military guy is bad. But the military guy only shows up in like the last third of the movie.

The art is okay, I guess. The CGI does mesh okay with the 2D art style, so I didn't have too much issue with it.

Don't watch this unless you wanna go to sleep.