Jul 7, 2014
zombiexhead (All reviews)
Before I start to describe my thoughts, I want to point out that this manga is 25 years of one author work. So regardless of what I write, give this comic a try if you have some interest in genre.
This is one of those Harem-Comedy style comic books. There is one boring protagonist and lot of beauties that want to get his attention. Someone may say that, there are thousand mangas with same plot and some of them might have better story or more interesting art style. This all true, this manga have nothing unique or special but i still think this one is the best one in genre. Author have really big attention to small details in everything including art, story, character design. Characters are the most strongest part of this manga, they all have very vibrant visual style, and also deep personalities. Later on, from comedy-romance story with a little bit fantasy, manga will evolve into fantasy-adventure story with a little bit of romance. Art style also will be improved. But Belldandy still be the most gorgeous and kindest goddess.(Also i think her name sounds very stupid)