Jun 30, 2014
Fellika (All reviews)
This is technically the first time I encountered an anime that had a beautiful scene every single moment. All you think at the end is "I want more" and "I need to read the manga now!!!" This is by far my number one anime of the year. Everything about the anime is astonishing and beautiful. When I mean beautiful I mean beautiful.

Story: Everything about the story had a cause and an effect. They had moments where love, had, sadness come into play. You can tell that each and every scene in the story would touch your heart in a second. It was fun and hilarious. Everything was well put together. The idea of a saddened child sun king falling in love with a princess from the rain is so cute and so well developed. You can tell that they start gradually have feelings for each other. Also when the princess can't stop falling in love with him and keeps thinking about him makes me want to scream with delight. It will satisfy you, trust me.

Art: When I looked at the art the first time, all I could think was how beautifully all the characters were made. They each had their own personality which matched how they looked like. The flowers, trees, rain had their own little sparkle in them and it was overly perfect. It was brightly colorful and when the characters have their own little emotion fit it was cute and funny.

Sound: The singing was amazing! I could never stop listening to it to the fact where I downloaded the song to my I-pad, computer, and CD. The opening song was fun and light. The character's voices didn't have any flaws and matched the mouth movements which some animes lack. I couldn't ask for a more beautiful sound than this.

Characters: Livi and Nike are my most favorite anime characters in the whole world. They were fun and loving. They had a spark to them that most animes don't contain. The side characters has their own story behind them which makes the anime more interesting. Everyone was so enjoyable and I couldn't get enough.

Enjoyment: I love love love it! Like I said it was fun, sad, funny, and every other emotion you can think of that'll fit this anime. I could never ask for less.

Overall: I mean of course i'll give it a 10! Why wouldn't I? It was a truly amazing anime to watch and I enjoyed every second of it. I'm not just saying it, I literally mean it and I recommend this anime to you and your friends. It's truly amazing and at the end you want more of it!