Jun 29, 2014
JustMayonnaise (All reviews)
One of the less appealing animes which was adapted poorly from a manga. This is from the point of view of a person who was previously reading the manga before the anime was announced.

Story: The plot is not very well defined and is easily misinterpreted, I was lost multiple times watching this anime and it constantly felt like there were missing gaps as I watched the anime. The plot is an static plot of basically 1 antagonist who have many underlings who will do their bidding pressuring the existence of the main protagonist. Don't get me wrong this main sound very boring and done multiple times but the character development happening during roughly the first 7 episodes are pure gold. After the beginning where every thing was nice, then the downfall of the anime occurs. They attempt to finish as much as they can within the 13 episode time frame causing difficulty understanding the anime as they have to ignore the important parts which helped the anime succeed after a while (character development).

Art: The art style really suits the anime in my opinion, but it is average in general.

Sound: The timing for the background music was very well done and I really enjoyed it all, I did have a slight problem with their choice of opening theme songs as I personally prefer songs that have singing. Other than that slight problem it was well done.

Characters: There was a lack in character development in my opinion, the entire story was too rushed for many development to occur. Also there were so many missed opportunities.

Enjoyment: I really enjoyed the first 7 episodes or so, it was amazing to finally be given a chance to watch one of my favourite mangas turn in to anime. The timing for a good portion of the events were well timed and the use of music within the scenes came together really nicely.

Overall: The anime is very unfriendly to their viewers as it provides:
Liittle to no character development occurs due to the fact that the wanted to fit as much as they could in the small time frame given. Normally this wouldn't be as BIG as a problem but what they did was executed poorly due to the anime needing character development as it is one of the main selling points of the anime...

Rushed events that are difficult to understand once again this is due to their given time constraints but if I were to suggest an idea, I would have stopped earlier within the anime but added more character development through small events.

I suggest for all who has watched this anime to give the manga the chance if you really enjoyed the anime and want more.