Jun 29, 2014
Fellika (All reviews)
Due to the fact that this is a 2003 and 2004 anime, I would most definitely give it a 10. haha for some reason older animes have better plot lines (just found out recently). To be quite honest at first the anime didn't seem interesting... and i'm not really into an anime that has quite a lot of episodes... though when I kept watching it, there was no doubt that I couldn't stop.

Story: Amazing, by far the most detailed and well planned out story i've seen. Everything had a moment, a conflict, a climax. It's exactly how an actual story is suppose to be seen.

Art: Though I did prefer Sora and her partner to look a bit better, I'm pretty sure i'm fretting about the hair, I did love everything else of the art of the main character's surrounds, friends, and the way their movements were phenomenal.

Sound: Gosh the sound had a lot of effort into it. Every moment where there is a situation due to face or environmental aspects, they'd use great expressions.

Character: Each and every characters had an important impact to the anime. They were astonishing and fun! Truly an amazing cast!

Enjoyment: I loved it overall! It had a certain vibe that I never felt before. There were times where I want to hit my head on a wall and there are times when I feel like shipping characters together! It was without a doubt absolutely fun!

Overall: After watching skip beat I thought i'd never encounter such an anime again. You have no idea how happy I've become and I'm more than satisfied! Hope you watch this with as much happiness as I did!