Jun 25, 2014
BlueEldur (All reviews)
I think I'm not in the wrong here when I say most of us have probably thought of the best way to live life at one time or another. That can mean what you want to be when you grow up, your dreams, ambitions, goals, what path you want to take, and what you envision it ending up life.

Tatami Galaxy's unnamed protagonist is one concerned with exactly that. In seek of that ideal life, he desperately repeats the first 2 years of his college life , searching for the "rose-colored campus life", and the "raven-haired maiden" that supposedly awaits him.

In doing so, he is able to realize the complexity of humans, himself, what he really wants, and what it means to live life. It's very clear that this show is leashed to a strong central theme from the start, as the episodes repeat themselves over and over to drive its point home, and make the cathartic end that it builds up to all the more resonant.

Art-wise, I think it's probably director Masaaki Yuasa's best piece, or at least my favorite of his. This is a show that can flash through 3 or 4 art styles in just a few seconds. Vibrant, volatile, and ever-changing with the moods, the visual direction seems to me like a reflection of the volatility of life itself. Something's always on the screen there to catch your eye. The use of real life shots is funny, as this is probably one of the wackiest yet most relatable shows I have ever found myself watching.

I see quite a few people that often say this show is "deep" or whatnot. Well, maybe. I don't really agree, actually. There's plenty of people out there that drop this show without getting to the end, and they do mark it off as a "2deep4u" show. Honestly, they might just be a little less intelligent than the rest of us, because the idea behind Tatami Galaxy seems to be something very simple to me. Stop caring about the best way to live life, because you WILL lose yourself in pursuit of that "rose-colored campus life". In fact, you may have already found that fulfilling life already, but haven't realized it. From there on, all you've got to do is enjoy the ride.