May 5, 2009
Kamina455 (All reviews)
If you liked Pani Poni Dash, you don't even have to bother reading the rest, you'll likely like the show. If your a fan of Negima the manga, your probably not gonna like this and you might want to delete any episodes you have on your harddrive (I mean return the dvd you bought, of course that's what I meant). I walk a middle ground here as a fan of both of those series, however, it did get boring for me as it continued on.

Now, if you think you knew the characters from the series, you'll only be half right (for the most part) the characters are altered to be more humorous. For example, Asuna's search for the chupacabra (which is probably the worst depiction of the creature I've ever seen and yes I know that's the whole point of the joke). A few new characters are also introduced, but we all know how filler characters are.

I suppose I should get this out here quickly, the story is altered. Instead of attempting to follow the plot of the manga then ending on a horrible filler ending (like its predecessor), it doesn't even try to the follow the manga and makes a whole new story revolving around a powerful magical artifact. This is kind of a double edged sword, atleast its not as bad as the filler ending in its predecessor, its not as good as the original story.

The focus of this series is comedy and action, which sounds good in theory. The comedy, however, sometimes gets cringe worthy or boring. The action doesn't meet up with the bar set up by other fighting animes that have done some crazy sh*t (its a little dull in comparison, but others might still find enjoyment in them).

Now, the English dub (all sub lovers can probably ignore this) tries to be authentic by giving all of the British characters accents (just the British ones). This would be ok, if Negi didn't sound so whiny and weak. Sure, he's ten years old, but he's ends up sounding whiny and like a wimp. In the manga, he had a little more balls.

Overall, its an ok show and half the reason of my middleish rating was being fan of the manga. If you like gag comedies and action and wondered what happened if they were merged together, you got this show. If you can't stand the weirder kind of Japanese humor and a few jokes you sometimes can't fully get, you might want to look elsewhere (quick little note: pacing could be better).

Go Baka-Rangers! (.....I hate myself for doing that).

P.S. I like to just add, I think another problem was the feeling it was not Ken Akamatsu's work, but more the work of Akiyuki Shinbo.

P.S.S Anyone else confused they made a new manga series to go along with this?