Jun 20, 2014
THEAnimeHERO (All reviews)
This is the 2nd film of the Saint Seiya series which contains much more physical combat, but feels very much like the 1st movie.

The story starts off with Hyoga rescuing a person in need who is then defeated by the movie villains. Afterwards, Athena & the Bronze Saints rendezvous in Asgard where the God Warriors reside in. While it does have similar concepts of the much later Asgard filler arc, the stories & characters are vastly different. In this feature, the God Warriors simply wish for divine conquest & not much of their character are explored with the exception of Frey who could've been the primary focus of the movie due to certain Norse mythology.

In terms of visuals, The Heated Battle of Gods maintains the same creativity as the Eris film while placing more emphasis on the characters' hair as various scenes depict strong winds in combat. Another visual feature is Dolbar's Odin Shield which causes the background to change color on a repetitive basis but pleasing to the eyes.

One of the stylish choices of Saint Seiya is the usage of projectile based fighting, however the film decided to go with more physical hand-to- hand combat. Much of the fight scenes benefited from this use but sadly contains the same flaws as the first movie; the battles ending very quickly. While there was a movie highlight being a fight between Hyoga & Shiryu, it leaves fans wanting for more. One of the benefits of this movie is the villain Dolbar who actually battles in this movie who unlike Eris in her film didn't display any intimidating prowess. Lastly, the music in this film stands out more than the previous one with the signature theme being played via harmonica.

Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of Gods is a quick but pleasing movie displaying the good attributes of the Saint Seiya series. My personal cons to the film were the lack of more character traits as the Bronze Saints don't really express much personality in these feature films. Also, there wasn't enough scenes featuring Phoenix Ikki. Good movie with great visuals & a very atmospheric music score.