Jun 19, 2014
abhinaVADAR42 (All reviews)
Pokemon Origins : Everything the anime should be.

I know a lot of people might say that but I guess the main anime has another feel and charm about it and to compare the two would be a bit unfair. With that said let me come to the review part.

Story : 7

The story as a whole is quite nice. Given the length of the anime it tries its best to cover almost all the good memories of the original Pokemon games.
However, it does have a rushed feeling about (most probably because of the length of the anime). A few good moments are hastily done to ensure that the time limit quota is met. I personally would have liked to see Red's battle against elite four (and not just a few snapshots of it).
Now, to the good part. The battle against Giovanni is one the best (if not the best) Pokemon action I have ever seen. The battle is just perfect. It showed how Giovanni changed his mind about Pokemon and the part about his childhood was good too.
A debated part about the story could be the incorporation of the mega evolution. Some may dislike it, some may like it. I, for one did like it.

Art : 9

Brilliantly done. No issues about it. The artwork is based on the FireRed/LeafGreen games (instead of the original Red/Green/Blue) and the effort put in it is easily visible.

Sound : 8

Again, the sound is taken from the games and is done well.

Character : 9

Red is the trainer we all were when we played the game. He too starts by making the same mistakes we did (trying to catch the other trainer's pokemon, don't you deny it) and was quite relate-able.

Enjoyment : 9

Absolutely enjoyed the series. Brought back memories of the old GameBoy days and was nostalgic. It may be enjoyed by those who did not play the games but for those who did this series is a must watch.