Jun 18, 2014
Caleb_Marvell (All reviews)
"He's been closing and opening his left hand for a while. When that habit shows up, he usually makes simple mistakes."

And that mistake my friends, was the second season if IS: Infinite Stratos.

To start off, let me just say I was a fan of the first season. I understood where everyone was coming from when they were talking about the cliche harem aspects of the anime, as well as the completely dense protagonist, but I enjoyed it anyways! Why? It had good visuals, some of the characters were awesome (IE Charlotte and Laura), and the action scenes? Beautiful. I was looking forward to a season 2, hoping for it to be as awesome as the first season, and maybe even find out if Ichika will ever be even the slightest less dense...

But sadly, my dreams were shattered...

I think the worst thing about this season was the storyline. That's the thing though, there was no storyline. There was the idea of one, but it was never carried out. Instead, what we got were a bunch of filler episodes, with a few action scenes here and there. The fillers ranged from a slutty costume contest, a reenactment of some crazy fairy tale, and trying to get a shy girl who dreams of her prince charming to become friends with an idiot who doesn't realize he has 6 other girls hanging off of him like bananas on a tree. What I was hoping to see was the idea I was previously talking about turn this ruined season into a story that might just save it. Sadly though...

One of the few things they did right were the animation and the sound. The animation was beautiful, but the only thing preventing me from giving said animation a 10/10 was the fact that they barely ever put it to good use with action scenes. Instead, they decided that it would be fun to see how graphic they can make a slutty costume competition without getting the video flagged on YouTube. And then there's the sound. I enjoyed most of the actors and actresses' roles, but the thing is, I watched the first season dubbed, mainly because I liked the cast, so it was difficult to get used to the subbed as I watched each episode the day it came out. But in the end I found the subbed version entertaining and well done.

Now, we get down to one of the biggest problems with this season... THE CHARACTERS. The thing is, I still like Charlotte and Laura, but the problem is that they are completely different from the first season... like most of the other girls as well... it seemed like the only thing I was hearing them talk about was how much they loved Ichika, and what they would do to be with him and stuff like that. There were no interesting "Oh hey, I just learned something new about them" moments or backstories, just a bunch of girls drooling over the most dense person on the planet. Luckily, there were 2 new characters we got to know... well, at least one of them were okay in my opinion. One of them turned out to be exactly the same as the rest of the girls, but at least the other one had some skepticism about it. But overall, very disappointing to see Charlotte in a sexy dog outfit... wait... I guess it wasn't THAT disappointing... but still...

Overall, IS: Infinite Stratos II was somewhat of a trainwreck... it had it's pros, although there were very few of them, but it had so many cons I really wish I could unwatch season 2 and wait until they release an actual, well done, great story, backstory included season 2. Sadly though, that won't be happening... at least not for a long time.

Story: 3
Art: 8
Sound: 8
Characters: 5
Enjoyment: 5

Final Score: 5