Jun 15, 2014
ForeverFizz8 (All reviews)
I have not seen Inuyasha in forever and do not remember the story, characters, or anything about it, but one day I stumbled upon a copy of this movie. It's as if something wanted me to remember the days of watching Inuyasha on TV.

Story (7/10):
The story was a bit corny and cliche (well, at first), yet had a certain charm to it that kept me watching. What I really liked was how this kept me up to date on the main story as of yet while still incorporating a movie worthy plot.

Art (8/10):
For the time, it was great art. For this time period, it's good art. Plain, has somewhat dark colors, but fluent and simple (in a good way).

Sound (6/10):
The soundtracks were nothing to dwell upon, but the english and japanese voice acting were as charming as the...

Characters (8/10):
How nice. Several characters are given backstories that may or may not have been mentioned in the main story (I don't remember). Even in the movie, they continue to develop.

Enjoyment (9/10):
I enjoyed it to the very end. It made me want to watch Inuyasha again, which I believe to be one reason for the creation of the movie.

Overall (8/10):
This deserves a watch weather you know the main story by heart or have forgotten the glory days, as I. You can tell the staff worked hard to make this an enjoyable experience, and fun for all ages. Gah! The cliche is contagious. Can't believe I said that.