Jun 13, 2014
abhinaVADAR42 (All reviews)
I actually can't believe that anyone would give this a rating above 5.
I actually wanted to watch it after playing my Pokemon Black, however to say that I was disappointed would be a major understatement.

With that said let me get down to the review part.

Story : 5

The usual fail-safe Pokemon story, so can't really complaint about anything here.
However, I just couldn't understand one thing, HOW CAN ASH's PIKACHU LOSE TO A LEVEL 5 SNIVY ?!?

Art : 4

The art was let down. It broke the tradition and did not seem right.

Character : 2.5

I was not against getting new characters in the series but the characters must be of some quality. The new characters were just pathetic. To be honest the only characters I did like were some of the new Pokemon (that too only because of the game)

Enjoyment : 1

This was a series that made me drop Pokemon temporarily, I completed the first Unova season but I did not even bother with the rest.

Overall : 3