Jun 11, 2014
Fellika (All reviews)
Story: Even if the movie was 44:59 minutes long, it captured my heart without doubt. At first I had no idea that this anime was a movie so I guess that was one reason that I didn't want to watch it... I was so used to clicking on the next episode for the story to continue. The story was so well that it made me cry so hard without even realizing it until the end and I didn't want it to finish. I had no idea that this story was going to end like that. I even wanted something more out of it. It's like each minute was so precious to me!
Art: GOSH THE ART WAS AMAZING! There are no words to describe how much detail the author placed. Not only the people where well drawn but it's like even the trees and flowers had a significant purpose for the movie. The only part I didn't like was the was the girl was made because it seemed as if she looked like that as a child which irritated me. I wanted like her to be a girl with those eyes yet she starts looking better when she's in high school! It would've made me feel like the guy deserved her more for the way the guy was excellently drawn.
Sound: I felt like the sound was so clear and fluent. It seemed as though I was there. The voice actors did an amazing job so kudos for your excellent work! That was how I imagined it in the first place so I do have to admit it did pleased my ears.
Character: Omg the romance between the main characters were like heaven to me. It was so well organized and beautiful at the same time. The guy's personality was great and so was the girls. It looks as though both are quite suitable for each other. I grew so fond for each character that once they're gone they're gone and I know i'll spend days crying in my bedroom for just thinking about them...
Enjoyment: This movie was all enjoyment, there was not a time that I didn't want to take my eyes off the screen. I was too scared to miss one part of the movie that'll capture my attention. It was funny, sad, sweet, and every little thing you can come up with would be the whole movie.

Overall...all I can say is... THIS WAS WORTH MY 44:59 MINUTES OF TIME!!! I'll watch this over and over again everyday if I want to. I soooo recommend this to anyone that does not have a clue about true love because I for one am so used to watching fake love being thrown around as an otaku and my daily life that watching this will break my imagination and my heart... and it will continue to break my heart every time I watch this so for all of you out there... IT IS A DEFINITELY WATCH THIS NOW!!!