Apr 28, 2009
setsuna-chan (All reviews)
The story is great and lots of comedy I guess. The story's plot is good and that I find it interesting. The action contained in this good as well though it could have been better if the battles are much tougher. There are drama parts of this anime that I find can move someone's feelings/emotions.
Even if this anime is great I observed that some segments of the story are very short and lacked of details. It also seems that there are confusing parts in the story but these are explained later on.
All in all, the story is great.

Generally, the art's well done I should say. Things are colorful in this and the art style is very creative. Everything is detailed down to the smallest object (well not always though). The chibis drawn are adorable in their own way and this also adds to the great art style.

The opening and ending songs are quite catchy which I liked. The background musics are awesome especially during battle. The sounds make the battle scenes more tense and that's a good thing. Insert songs also add to the atmosphere. The voice acting surpassed my expectations well which made the whole anime better but there are few voices that doesn't fit the characters'.

The characters are well balanced despite the fact that the cast is very large to start with. The same characters from the original anime series though some new faces are introduced in this anime. Some changes are made in the relationship of the characters with each other though it's mild but I find it disturbing to me.
Every character is elaborated and detailed. Personally, I find the new look of the characters attractive.
Their roles vary from one another and they hold it well yet some are out of character at times.

The enjoyment in watching this anime is high in my opinion. The enjoyment increases when the comedic portions were added. I don't have anymore to say. This anime is totally enjoyable to watch.