Apr 26, 2009
INVASION (All reviews)
Wow this is a anime that you have got to see.This is not a HENTAI anime. There is some sex humor with magumi and the pervert nagumo.Its really about this god that comes to reunite the 3 worlds every 3 milenia which causes alot of carnage and alot of gory rape.If you what to see what 2012 will be like then look at this pandemonium.

Sex/Nudity. 3.5/5
Not too bad as you think since dont not see any genitialiea but you do see demon rape that is grusome as it shows the chojin turning into this monster as he rapes a nurse and while he has a orgasm the nurse bursts into bits of guts and flesh. Another scene is when akemi and nagumo are at home alown we see them about to have sex until they get interupted as SOMEBODY bursts through the window and kidnaps akemi.One of the oddest scenes is when akemi get raped by a female teacher by the name of miss tonomi whos tounge turns out to be this tentical with a eye which splits into about another 100 tenticals.They are more sceans in this anime that I wont go through because I dont want to scare you off.

Violence. 4.5/S
Like I said above nurses burst into blood and bits and a monster gets a C section after it swallows ozaki and dont get me started on the end of the world sheesh its like a bloody smoothy.

Language. 4/5
There is sexual slang but not much of it but when it comes to cursing its pretty bad as F bombs are trown over the place along with shit and blood and who knows what else.

Profanity/occult. 3.5/5
Talks about a demon realm and a supreme ultragod who is ment to make the world pure with peace.And then end of the world which is caused by the overfiend having a orgasm (yes you saw that right!).

Age rating. 17 + but be careful who you show it too as its gore and rape might be too much.