May 23, 2014
gravediggernalk (All reviews)
The original description I was given for this series was that it was a Charl and Laura spin-off. Based on that description, I was hoping for this to be a spin-off series of shenanigan-filled stories with Laura (Sugar - White-haired) and Charlotte (Honey - Gold(Blonde)-haired).

Obviously, the description I was originally given was, for the most part, wrong, as this is just a series of "Adventures of Charlotte" . . . nonetheless, I enjoy it greatly.

I enjoy the series because the chapters are all short, cute, and really fit into the day-to-day doings of Charlotte. No attempt at an overarching canon-changing/challenging story is made, and no attempt is made to change the original characterizations of the characters seen in the light novels. If someone were to say "This series is a collection of ideas for Charlotte day-to-day BD specials that didn't get animated", I wouldn't doubt them for a minute, because the series is all short, sweet, cute trips into the life and mind (and heart) of Charlotte.

There is nothing really for me to dislike about the series. Character designs and traits remained the same straight from the light novels, so no problem there. My only issue might just be the only change made: Charl and Laura's kitty-pajamas were designed differently than in the novels and anime.