Apr 22, 2009
DakenFrost (All reviews)
Well, i finally finish to watch this anime. It should be better never seen it. I forced myself to see it until the end and i can see now that it have the most NONSENSE episodes never seen.

Why? Let me explain few things.


1)Abel < Vash
Someone says that Abel is the bad copy of Vash(Trigun Anime). Well it's true, but very very the worst copy seen. In one episode he stated that i had promise(in the past) to not kill no one else. Well in the first episode he kill a vampire telling "you are been executed". In another episode airships are attacking a city with a big tank drove by a bad guy. Like often happen, he get mad and oneshot everything.

2)Immortal enemies
The WORST thing in an anime. They had been shotted, exploded, cutted and? They are still here. Ok Dietrich can use dead body BUT THAT BODY WAS EXPLODED WITH THE TANK! The vampire woman that abduct the witch girl was kicked by "Demon-Abel"; now you are a kick-ass freaking demon: if you want kill someone you SHOULD KILL HIM and if you don't want kill him you should take him to prison but NOOO!! Surprise and ambush! She is still alive! I never expected this!

3)Non-sense plot
Radu burn the palace where Lady Caterina hoping that the Vaticano will kill Ion. Ion come back wounded and what he does? He aid him and save his life. Later he go to prepare the boat: 10 mins to take a gun and come back. Perfect time to let Esther and Ion talk a LOT. It was already the dead body? So why the hell he should suffer the wounds?! Just kill Ion! This is only an example, a lot of scenes are non-sense only to show useless things (like the vampire woman revenge only to show that the robot have "feelings")

4)The best scene
Demon-Abel hit hard Isaak Fernand etc etc. He is on the ground heavily wounded. When Abel miss his target he just say "It's time to go", stand up and disappear. A THAT KIND wound SUPPOSE that you cannot move easily but he just stand up and disappear in one second (the disappear skill is like a teleport because no one in the all Vaticano caught him).

This anime's fans will forgive me. It is nice, but only for who doesn't expect a TRUE story from it.