May 11, 2014
sayuri-99 (All reviews)
I know there are like a million reviews for this anime, but I've decided to write one because I really want to. I watched Code Geass on a whim, not expecting to enjoy it at all, but I was intrigued after the first episode because it wasn't the typical "protagonist is the good guy who fights for righteousness" plot line.

Story: 10

The story itself is pretty simple: an exiled prince of Britannia named Lelouch trying to help Japan gain it's freedom from Britannia. Some of the plot lines are cliche, and some of them aren't. What really makes the plot special is the execution. Despite some parts being cliche, Sunrise did it in such a way that made the cliche parts not so cliche anymore. The plot wasn't too fast, nor was it too slow.

Art: 10

What can I say? I love CLAMP's art. They may not be the best in executing plot lines (in my opinion, at least) but their art is beautiful. WhenI first watched Code Geass, I thought their proportions were a little off (everyone being extremely tall and thin) but regardless of anatomy rules, I think it looked quite nice. To me, it also seemed to give Code Geass a unique art style everyone would immediately be able to recognize as from Code Geass.

Characters: 10

The Code Geass characters were definitely all awesome, especially Lelouch. His charcter was very deeply and intricately developed (well he is the main character) the other characters were also pretty good. Some of them seem a bit two dimensional at first, but were eventually developed later on. Despite all this, I still feel that there was a lot more room for charcter development, like with Marianne, Charles, and many others. I think sunrise should've stretched Code Geass for one more season to add more time for charcter development. I also think that *minor spoiler here* some characters were killed of too early, like Lelouch's parents. We were shown the whole of Charles' charcter, but never actually got to feel his whole character. The characters were all excellent, but it quite disappoints me to see so much wasted potential.

Sound: 10

The voice actors for Code Geass were also excellent. I especially loved Lelouch and Euphemia's voice actors. Suzaku's voice actor was also quite good. The dub wasn't that bad, but the subbed version is definitely way better. The opening and closing songs were pretty good, but the only one i really loved was the first one. COLORS, by FLOW. My only negative critique for them is that they reuse animations from the previous opening songs. When the opening changed, they just scrambled the animations from the original opening and added in afew new ones. I've noticed this with Sunrise's previous works too, like Gundam. I personally think that they shouldn't change the opening if they're too lazy to make new animation for it.

Enjoyment: 10

I fully enjoyed Code Geass. I think it's the perfect series for anyone who likes mecha anime and enjoys a more unique type of protagonist. It's also the perfect show to watch if you love to write fanfictions. (So many unanswered questions!) I hope that maybe one day in the future, Sunrise will make another season, or better yet, a remake of Code Geass.

So unless you want an anime with an extremely fulfilling ending, you should definitely watch Code Geass