May 10, 2014
ngkn92 (All reviews)
For Scifi-fan myself, I want to write a review focus more on it.
This review still got spoiler, though I try my best not to.

A very boy meet a cute princess form underground at a fate encounter, they create a bond that connect them to another level, lead them to the adventure that no one knew before.

Work outstanding with this genre (and situation), rolate and rolate, sometime you could be confused and lost the balance , like you dont know where the ground, where the sky.

OST is not very good but BGM is absolute amazing, delivered the feel and make atmosphere more intense.
Voice actor is out of my range, for a outsider like me, it's fine.

A boy lost something very important, then become lonely cause social around him. A girl "brave on outside" sure get along well cause she lost too. They build up relationship through sympathy. After lost contact, he come to realize that he dont want to lost this girl.
Character sure are simple, and expose very clear in movie. However the villain somehow show that he want to be picked by "inverted people" and somekind of want it for him only .

Super. Not a minute I leave my eye out of my monitor. My heart tumble and my mind keep yelling "I want to know more". well, Sci-fi fan. But the ending leave me confusing and not want to accept it's ending.
(Though I know sci-fi always do that, solve one case and open a f**king greater case, it's not like it left a bad taste in my mount or something)

Sure a fascinating drive for me, for all the fantasy, thrill and fun adventure. However I like to know moreeee.
Let me assume some not-good thing: ending, ost, character.
So watch it if you haven't, watch it if you are into sci-fi genre, watch it if you have not been into sci-fi genre, just watch it like there's no tomorrow.
*but at some point, I do satisfy with the end of villain.
**Overall maybe a little high. But 8.6 should be 9, isn't it?