May 6, 2014
tsuumetai (All reviews)
hatsu inu is by far my all-time favorite hentai. It is not awkwardly overly sexual and the characters aren't (for the most part) that dramatized. I love the idea of fujino not speaking. most hentais' main female character talk way to much for absolutely no reason. fujino only speaks once and it adds to the overall effect of the story.

the characters, in my opinion, are excellent. fukaya and fujino are absolutely adorable together. fukaya is quite handsome and fujino has to be one of the cutest girls in anime in general and the fact that she doesn't speak makes her ironically stand-out. of course there's the two completely unnecessary characters, mita and the nurse. mita's scenes are just uncomfortable and the nurse's scenes are pointless. the show would've been a solid 10 if it wasn't for both of them.

the storyline is quite clever and well-thought out for a hentai. most hentais are just big-breasted female and gifted male pound each other over and over with no real story behind it. fujino and fukaya's first real intimate sex scene was exceptional. hatsu inu demonstrates a real, cute relationship between an average teenage boy and his kinky, quiet girlfriend. I found myself really "connected" to fujino and fukaya by the end of the second season thanks to such strong character development.

the art of this anime is both cute and realistic. fujino has a pretty average body and realistically sized boobs. fukaya, as I mentioned before, is extremely handsome and also really "average". the non-sex scenes,, for example the pool scene, is drawn so cutely you almost forget you're watching a hentai.

overall, hatsu inu is adorable. it would've been perfect if the unnecessary mita/nurse sex scenes were cut out. it's excellent for somebody, like myself, who doesn't really enjoy the overly exaggerated and uncomfortable sex scenes some other hentais have to offer. it has the (almost) perfect blend of cute and soft sex scenes along with an interesting plot and a small amount of kinky while avoiding an overly sexualized main character and rape.