Apr 16, 2009
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About 1 week has passed since I finished the anime and I am writing this.

Ga-Rei -Zero-

First impression of this anime was a really normal one =). Good anime to watch if you got time and need some action.
Is your destiny decided from the second you were born? Is it possible to change your fate? What if someone you love tried to kill you?

Story - 8
A typical story that was going fluently, and was then distorted by some evil, extraordinary event. A story where this happy life cannot last for ever and things had to change. Struggles of friendship and sacrifices; dilemmas.
How the episodes started was nice from the anime. An unusual start.

Art - 7
Art? it's art would be art of action anime.
Fights are made by gun, heavier shooters for the lower characters, and sword fights and use of familiar called "Sacred Beast" for the stronger, main characters.
Those beasts may come from some old legend, maybe not. There was very little background information of the weapons, Sacred Beasts, techniques.
I disliked the drawing of the main characters, preferred them to have some more unique image.

Sound - 7

Other than a normal, plausible OP and ED that goes well with the anime, there was no other music that attracted me. The voices, sound effects do not have defects.

Character - 7

The main characters are differentiated from the rest in a way. Shows their internal thoughts, main characteristics and attributes supported by past facts.
However they lack something epic, and attractive.
The character development was good. It showed the character form its childhood moment until the show is ended, and how she reacted to all the most important events in her life; how her daily life changed; why she decided what.
Supportive characters are very common... almost like fillers just for the sake of making a system in order to make the story make sense.

Enjoyment - 8

Well yeah, I watched this anime just to list it out, find possible knowledge, and for enjoyment. The fighting scenes however were 7-8/10, not that exiting. What was enjoying was more the storyline, and seeing how each character made their own decision.

Overall - 7

I was giving this an 8 at first, but somehow while writing the stuff above... it became a 7.
This anime will serve as a good a joyful time killer.
Overall view: a typical action anime.