Apr 16, 2009
purple_neko (All reviews)
I've finished reading the manga (although I'm quite sure I haven't finished the anime (but yes, I know the anime ending, and the gist of the OVAs...well the 2nd in particular). Though I would just looove to read Tasuki's backstory (written by someone else than Watase-sensei though)...

Well, what do I say? I sometimes wished that I could be like Miaka and get sucked into some fantastical "other universe" just to escape reality..but then, who hasn't, even just once? Especially if you get to meet quite a few good-looking young men along the way, and end up having not only 2 of them falling in love with you. Hail the powers of Harem-type anime! Or, in this case, reverse-harem :P Bah, but I do read Ouran after there :D

Still, in the end, I somewhat have to agree with one of the people I've read the post of, in a discussion thread about this series. Miaka ends up with someone who is um...not EXACTLY Tamahome (then again, Suzaku did say that Tamahome in the book was based on Taka from the real world and NOT the other way around..heh, so that means Suzaku was just "taking credit" for seemingly granting Miaka's third wish?)

Btw, Suzaku looks, cool too :P But I still have my Tasuki *grabs the Fang Boy and clutches possessively, glaring at everyone in warning "MINE!"*
=^-^= heheh..sad, I know. But I am a rabid fangirl..sometimes. Just creeps me out that there are fanfics that actually pair Tasuki with Tamahome..and even Chichiri x.x eeek! Must be because of the earrings..but I still think he's simply gorgeous :P MEH!

Well, if you got lost because of that fangirl moment, I apologize...

To top it all of, I like this manga because it's basically a story of how taking chances and facing responsibility (I won't say reality, because let's face it, most of the story happens in a fantasy book world) will lead you to have experiences and meet people you might otherwise have never experienced, and met. I admire the focus on the power of love to overcome all (although it gets a bit too unreal at times), and Miaka's determination and guts. Also, admittedly the idea of a harem full of handsome guys (I mean come on, it was obvious from the earlier parts of this review anyway!) :P