Apr 28, 2014
Cludensyo (All reviews)
It's hard to find a series where you feel really invested. The kind that even after finishing an arc, there's a little moment of reflection. The World God Only Knows is no exception.

The setup of the story has a very solid foundation because it tackles one of the subjects fans can relate the most ─gaming. BUT, some people will have a problem in terms of relation because the genre of choice is not that popular ─galge (a contraction to gal gaming).

For those who don't know, visual novels (another name for galges) is a type of game where it's mostly story. The "game" part is where you, the player, decides how the story will go through the choices you've made. As Arkada would put it, it is like an interactive book and that's it. The story of these galges are usually about love and romance ranging from sweet and innocent to HOLY CRAP-disturbing.

Going back, the story of an otaku getting an intervention about his ideals by having encounters to "3D girls" sounds like an interesting manga. The series is hysterical in some scenes while also having some scenes of drama. The best of both worlds.

Though, I have some little complaints about the story. In some long arcs, the story moves as slow as molasses. "But Cludensyo, that's the meaning of 'long' in long arcs". NO. I got into the latest chapter when this series was still ongoing. And when reality struck me that I "finished" it, I looked back and said "Wow. That arc took that much chapters? There could have been less". There's also some plot holes that are not resolved at the end of the story and foreshadowings that confused me (I'm looking at you, Elsie). And let's not forget, there are some questionable moments on how Keima got into this whole mess which I won't discuss any further.

The universe in this manga feels alive thanks to the creative mind of the author giving it details. Also, the girls, which serve as representatives of standard "maidens" in galge, have character profiles written in the chapters which really makes it feel like you're playing a visual novel.

Speaking of characters, the one that's developed the most is the main character, Keima Katsuragi. I like his ability to be zen in tough situations. I like how he's quiet and serious most of the time but transforms into a firework when in comes to games. Preaching they have superiority against reality.

I felt depressed when this series ended. Sure, it's not perfect. Sure, it gives a bad first impression on the first chapter. But if you get past that, you are then introduced to one of the best manga this time around. A dead serious recommendation.