Apr 28, 2014
Fremen13 (All reviews)
I'm only a couple of chapters into the third season of Feng Shen Ji, but I've been following this manga (not sure if that word applies, I realize it is chinese so Manhua maybe?) for a couple months and I'm fanboying pretty hard over here which is why I put my enjoyment of it at a 10 :)

Very Mild Spoilers! Don't read ahead if you haven't finished Season 2 yet and hate knowing anything about it!

This season changes in that it approaches more of the political stories that occur after a couple different conflicts. The third act of the series will probably represent a more complex and nuanced story than the first (bildungsroman, or coming-of-age), or the second (conflict/climax/resolution), at the expense of losing some of the dialogue and exciting character exposition that we saw in the first two sections rather frequently. I feel the characterization is a bit weaker in the third and I'm having a lot of trouble identifying with the dark ones, which I guess is the whole point of the dark ones now that I think about it...

Anyways, it definitely follows the predecessors in spirit, but is a fair departure from the first two seasons, and not in the most exciting way. The art falls a little flat and overall I think that component solidifies my decision to give it a lower score than the first two (which I gave 9s). I can only hope that this painful exposition will lead to some more interesting story lines once this act can pick up some steam. I would definitely recommend for people that like reading extended universes, or the kind of people that read the whole Enderverse, the sequels to Dune, or any of Ranma 1/2.