Apr 14, 2009
ManU-Alchemist (All reviews)
Before watching this anime I thought to myself, "This is probably one of those harems ecchi shows where a lot of girls fall for the same guy." Well it was almost that.

Instead of a lot of girls there was only two, Ibuki Ikaruga and Ayame Ikaruga. They fall in love with Yoichi Karasuma. But unlike many harems this anime has a credible storyline. Unknowingly Ibuki has a fiance. After many years he has finally come to wed his belowed. That's basically the jist of it. Yoichi and the girls try to overcome obstacles and challenges that are thrown at them.

AIC is known for creating some of the best animation in the anime world and they don't disappoint with Asu no Yoichi. Color, character design and background are all animated really well. One of the bright spots in this anime is "Washizu visions" and "Tsubasa visions." These are "visions" the respective character has funny visions of what he or she believes will happen.

Every character plays a part in Asu no Yoichi. There isn't a lot of character development but interaction between each character is huge. They all have a special moment with each other. Secondary characters such as Washizu also play a big part in the anime. They all have a big part during the last few episodes.

There are many golden comedy moments in this anime. They all contribute to the enjoyment level of this anime. Asu no Yoichi is enjoyable and fun to watch. On the other hand it doesn't have many epic moments that will make you remember this anime. If you have the time this you should check this anime out.