Apr 26, 2014
ygfan (All reviews)
First review?

Verdict: Definitely recommend. Pulling at my heartstrings already!!

Story: Kind of a typical shoujo story. There's the childhood friend (or boyfriend in this case) that becomes part of the heroine's life yet again after they have broken up. Even worse, the heroine has found a new boyfriend but she can't seem to get her ex out of her mind. Even worse, her ex still loves her! Ooo... drama drama drama...

That's what interesting. After every chapter, you just want to know more. Will she betray her current boyfriend and reject her ex or go back to her ex and break up with her current boyfriend? (And there's even an evil step-sister involved in the beginning)

Art: Typical but beautiful art like most shoujo mangas. Both of the guys that like her are, of course, quite attractive respectively. The heroine is quite pretty herself.

The heroine is quite indecisive as well which makes for a good plot but can annoy the hell out of the readers. But of course, there's only 8 english translated chapters out now so we can't be too fussy with her.

Takumi (her ex) still loves her and will do anything to her back. I like his determination which will definitely heat up the story (and if you got to the end of chapter 8 then you'll know what I'm talking about ;D). Expectedly, I want to know more about his past because he was the one to break up with her first. He still loves her as of right now so why?

Shiina (Yuna's current boyfriend) is diligent and will do anything to make her happy and he's always been by her side even after the break up between Yuna and Takumi. And for the first time, I don't hate the "second male lead" in a manga. Typically, I would root for one guy over another but in this manga, I seriously love both of them. (But I think all the readers can tell who she will end up with in the end).

Enjoyment: Definitely enjoying this manga so far. The "heat" is pretty intense even up to chapter 8. I didn't expect things to move this fast but most of the main events have already happened in the first or second chapter. So, it's not dragging things out.

Verdict: I've only read 8 chapters so far but I can tell that this will be a very enjoyable read although I can tell that the heroine will probably annoy the heck out of me later.

I'll recommend this to anyone that likes love triangles, like me.