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Apr 13, 2009
Saiga Riki-Oh is 21. He is in prison for just his first offense. He received a three year sentence for assault, and was imprisoned the year previous. He possesses a robust body, superior intelligence, and a remarkably violent nature. He is marked as a particularly dangerous criminal requiring special attention.

He has five bullets stuck in his chest.

One time, Riki-Oh punches a dude so hard his arm goes elbow deep into flesh till his fist tears out the other side. Minutes later he punches another dude so hard the man's ribs burst out of his side from the impact.

He has a six-pointed star mark on his hand.

Another time, Riki-Oh punches the air inches in front of a dude whose face recoils as if hit by gale force winds distorting his face with airflow. Afterwards blood spurts out of the man's face anyway, such was the tremendous air pressure caused by Riki-Oh's fist.

He can reattach his own severed tendons in the middle of a fight.

Later in life, Riki-Oh karate-chops a guy in the back of the neck so hard the man's eye pops out.

He likes long walks, sentimentalism and leaf-whistling.

One day Riki-Oh uppercuts a dude so hard his fist punches through the man's chin and out of his mouth. Later to make up for it he 'touch fists' with his homie but disintegrates the dude's arm and punches through it.

This only scratches the surface of Riki-Oh the manga. Underneath the surface are concepts of prison privatisation, a controversial labour source for nations run like ruthless corporations unwilling to accept loss of prisoners due to their collective-self amounting to profit for the Japan Prison Industry and its sociopolit-


You just want to see Riki-Oh decimate another human being into a bloody pulp like a depraved chef decimates ingredients in preparation of a three course meal for a banquet of serial killers.

You want to see Riki-Oh punch cars as they speed at him. Punch hearts out of chests. Punch elephants off their feet.

You want manly art with muscles the size of truck tires, a cast of ugly misfits waiting to be mutilated and debilitated, gaping bloody wounds repaired with barbed wire ripped from chain-link fences.

This is even before whatever semblance of reality the manga had a shred of is completely taken over by telekinetic super-powered brawls, because destroying the human body in physically possible ways gets too boring for author Masahiko Takajo and artist Tetsuya Saruwatari.

Riki-Oh's story eventually, and quite successfully, moves from the prison setup to the apocalyptic cyberpunk dregs of Japanese society run amok by mega-corporations and pollution, while inexplicably weaving religion, or in one bizarre turn of events, an atheistic/theist communist/liberal sibling/Christ conflict, and Armageddon itself into its blood-drenched pages, culminating in Katsuhiro Otomo levels of post-apocalyptic vistas and destruction.

It is in this dystopic futurescape that this violent saga throws hysterically crazy twists and revelations at you, the ones in volume 8 in particular, that are so outrageous you have to save Riki-Oh the trouble and punch yourself. Punch yourself to stop your own laughter from killing you, tears streaming down your bruised face; a face content with the barely believable knowledge that this manga was written, drawn and published by grown adult men.

Riki-Oh might mistake your laughter to be out of spite and not joy, so your punch will be punched and decimated by him. That's what he does.

Riki-Oh the manga will punch pretty much anything, man; animal, inanimate object, your face, your friend's face, your friend's pet's face, and it'll put hairs on your chest.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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