Apr 13, 2009
IcehawkDown (All reviews)
In many ways, this review is pointless. I have almost no doubt in my mind that anyone who watched all of Major Season 1 will watch Major Season 2, whether I say it's great or terrible. But, just allow me to reassure you, Major Season 2 is as good as it gets.

I rated Major Season 1 a 9/10. It was exciting, but it had a few things holding it back. The first half of the season didn't have that much in terms of baseball games, there was a lot of romance subplots that were tough to care too much about. And, it was kind of ridiculous to see little leaguers practically playing like pros.

Major Season 2 comes in and fixes just about everything that was wrong with Season 1. First off, the show has baseball games right from the start. There's only a few episodes of building up to the big games, they get right into it, which is awesome. In keeping with the theme of more baseball, all the subplots this time around revolve around baseball as well. There isn't any silly parent/kid drama like last time. No romance subplots. The entire plot revolves around what the anime is supposed to be about.

Also, the games seemed a little less ridiculous this time. I mean, there's still some crazy plays. But the fact that they are in high school now, and not a bunch of little shrimps made it so my immersion wasn't ruined by it this time around.

I think the plot is a lot more interesting and innovative this time around as well. Season 1 was your standard story of a boy wanting his team to become the best. This time around, the story revolves around high school powerhouse Kaido, and Goro's interactions with them. There are some surprisingly good plot twists, and I found the story to be a nice breath of fresh air.

The art and sound are once again great. I thought they did a good job drawing the older versions of everyone from season 1, the music is good once again.

Overall, if you watched Major Season 1, you probably liked it, and I have no doubt you will like season 2 as well.