Apr 22, 2014
Sneako (All reviews)
Recaps are usually episodes/movies that re-tell a story that has already been told, but in a shorter and more compact way. It tells you valid points and informative parts in a story without all the unnecessary bits.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 2: Eien no Monogatari is a recap of the last four episodes in the original series; Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica but squeezed into a 2 hour long action-packed thrilling movie. When I first finished the original series of Madoka Magica I felt like I didn't watch it to my full potential (being distracted or not focusing at some points of the show.) That being, I decided to watch the recap movies, and I have no regret in doing so!

If I didn't watch these movies, I believe my liking towards the Madoka Franchise/Series wouldn't be where it is right now. Having finished these two movies, this whole series has become one of my favorite anime!

If you aren't too sure whether you should attempt to watch the movies, I recommend watching this no doubt! And with no hesitation! Here is my review for Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 2: Eien no Monogatari! Enjoy!

STORY - 10/10
This movie mainly revolves around Homura and Madoka because it is a recap of the last 4 episodes from the original series, which involves the back story to Homura "Magical Girl" journey. A plot that gets twisted a lot makes this movie very psychological and keeps your eyes glued to the screen. It plays with the 'Magical Girl' genre a bit and creates something beyond what a normal series of this genre would do. This is simply genius in my opinion!

The story telling in this anime is just too beautiful to explain! The originality and creativity that goes into this is what makes this anime for me. A simple plot, with a bunch of twists and turns throughout keeps you intrigued almost through the whole thing.

Even though this movie is a recap of the original series (last 4 episodes) it still has extra scenes thrown in to it, with better animation and re-dub of the voices. The story is really intense and confusing at sometimes, so in the end you might need to research a bit and find some explanations etc. But that's Madoka Magica for you!

Overall this story has no MAJOR flaws and I cannot come to point out any cons in the plot, all in all a very solid story. Shaft never disappoints!

ART - 10/10

The art. Well what can I say... One word... BEAUTIFUL!!!!
The animation in this film was simply amazing. The movie's animation compared to the original series was a hell of a lot better and it shows in various scenes throughout. In this movie the background scenery and fighting scenes are much more detailed. Having the animation blow me away! There were also some extra scenes put in to express the darkness and depression of some scenes. Overall the art was a big step up from the series. Plain beautiful!

SOUND - 10/10

Madoka magica has always been one of my favorites when it comes to the OST. Yukia Kajiura defintley did not disappoint! Unlike the series, there were more scores in this movie, making it more alive and detailed. They kept the old ones in with a few new ones. Overall the soundtrack was at it's best.

Now when it came to the voice acting in this movie, I felt that it exceeded the series, in terms of emotion, screaming and just plain voicing. Saito Chiwa (Homura's voice actress) did a fantastic job in this movie and I also did notice the voice of Madoka did a much better job compared to the original series. But that's just based on my ears! Overall voice acting was perfect!

Character - 10/10

I have always loved the characters in this show. The movie portrays these characters in a depressing and deep way. You learn a lot about each and every character in this movie, seeing there happy side, and dark side. Even though this movie mainly focuses on the relationship between Madoka and Homura, I did feel that some other characters got some decent development and depth put into them. But in saying that, the character you see get most development is defintley Homura. You get to see her background/back story etc. It was like this movie kind of expressed the depression and motivation Homura felt, but not only her but with all the characters. It makes you feel the emotions that are being felt in the movie. You also get to see more depth into Kyoko and what she's about. Showing scenes from her past and how she became a Magical Girl. You learn about this 'bad ass' type character a bit more. Overall characters were good. Period.


Surprisingly this movie was more enjoyable to watch than the actual anime series! It made me love the second half of the series even more, and also made me understand it a lot better! With the new addition of a beautiful soundtrack, new extra scenes and gorgeous animation, this movie is beyond good. No doubt I would recommend this show to any anime watchers! Well time to watch the next and final movie...

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