Apr 11, 2009
Tsira (All reviews)
There wasn't any review written for this anime, so I thought I would help out and write down a little.

A boy transfers to a school on a small island. A lot of bi-shounen guys walk around. At first he isn't really accepted, but because he never gives up everything turns out right.
I was really disappointed, because they could have done so much more with the story. But somehow they decided to keep it really predictable.

The art was pretty okay really. It had good details, nice colours.

I give a 7, because of the singing. Every episode one of the characters starts to sing a song. That was just... really amusing. Well, go hear it for yourself ;).
Voices where done well also :).

Biggest disappointment ever. They have this basic bi-shounen cast. Cool guy, nice guy, lolita guy..... and of course the main character is a dumb, but cheerful boy who eventually keeps everyone together and makes everyone happy.

I watched all episodes because of that strange singing every time. It really made me laugh.

Oh well, a 5, because I'm not that strict.