Apr 14, 2014
TheDumen (All reviews)
Now let's be serious...the reason you are all probably here is because of the giant rack that you saw on Icarus. But aside from all the semi-nudity and ecchi nature of this anime, it is really quite enjoyable. I started off thinking that this would be like any other rom-com anime and it would be mostly fan service. Im not saying there isn't any because they go to the bathhouse, the beach, the water park, and anywhere that you can see lots of boobies.

Story(7/10): The anime doesn't entirely focus on a story driven plot but it doesn't mean it is deprived of a story. The moments where the anime crosses over to the darker toned scenes are actually pretty entertaining and they really make you change your perception of the angeloids. Apart from the main story, there are many fan service episodes which are also good and always end up making me laugh.

Art(9/10): Art is good for the time it was released so there isn't really much to talk about here, but I have to say that I particularly enjoyed the chibi scenes that happened very often with the main character in his perverted situations.

Sound(10/10): Sound Is good and the soundtrack is also very amusing. Also the background music used during the more intense scenes fit and added to the anime

Character(8/10): The characters are your usual bunch of anime characters. The perverted main character, the neighbor and childhood friend who is in love with the main character, the angeloid that turns the main character's life upside down, the rich and scary upperclassman, the smart and guiding force man person , and the cute angeloid who slowly falls for the main character. A box full of toys that somehow always get into weird situations.

Enjoyment(10/10):I very much so enjoyed the anime. It's pretty good. Give it a chance. NO YOU WILL WATCH IT.

Overall(9/10): Overall, it is a good anime that mixes a dark story with light humor and panty shots. If you watch this, I Believe you will truly enjoy it. So give it a chance. You'll probably like it. I know I did.