Apr 11, 2014
Azalonozul (All reviews)

"Dust in her eye? I'm gonna kill it!" - Hakuya Mitsumine.

Over the last few years, Rom-coms have become stale; the violent tsundere, a harem, the childhood friend, unrequited love, all of the shows seem to have these itsy-bitsy things. As such, the comedy becomes stale, they become increasingly dull to watch and you automatically know what is going to come next.

But not with Mikakunin de Shinkoukei.
I repeat, you will not be able to predict what will be coming next in this little anime.

Mikakunin de shinkoukei is REALLY unpredictable. It drops the bomb on huge things like it's no big deal and makes a big deal out of things that are of no importance. Not only that, the way it handles cliches is completely ridiculous. Almost all of the normal cliches are present in Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, just in a different way. It leads you into preparing yourself for the cliches, but the opposite happens instead ( I will refrain from giving an example not to ruin your enjoyment in this series. You will know EXACTLY what I mean when you watch it)

Speaking of enjoyment, the kind Mikakunin de Shinkoukei provides you with is the happy and refreshing kind. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei makes you have fun WITH the characters. It will take the weight of your shoulders and make you happy from watching the everyday life of Benio, Mashiro,Kobeni and Hakuya. You will laugh at their eccenticities of each of the cast members, and I assure you, you will get a lot of laughs out of them.

What about romance? Well, Mikakunin de Shinkoukei has plenty of offer on that matter too. Usually in a romance series, The main couple must overcome misunderstandings, difficulties, rivals, and all those annoying stuff. Mikakunin does none of that.(It will make you think otherwise though) Granted, it doesn't make you go "D'awww" out loud most of the time, but you surely feel fluffy inside from seeing the two innocent teenagers, Hakuya and Kobeni grow closer and closer.

In a Rom-com series, proper and strong characters are a must. How does Mikakunin fare in this area? VERY WELL. Benio and Mashiro are the ones that carry the humor in this series, and they do it very well. Say anything you want if Beino's ridculous sis-con antics don't make you laugh even once. Slap me through the internet if you don't laugh at Mashiro's eccentric actions.

Do the two main characters get overshadowed by those two then? Of course not. Hakuya seems like your average male lead. Dense, stupid, timid. Oh, how wrong you must be. Granted he's dense, but he's a billion times sharper than some *cough* Orimura Ichika *cough* idiots, and that's because he comes from the mountains. And believe me, looks can be deceiving, he's not the gloomy guy he seems to be. How happily he reacts to Kobeni's actions will make you see him in a new light (He sometimes shines when he's happy)

Of course, let's not forget, the main girl, Kobeni Yonomori. The sister of Benio, the sister in law of Mashiro and the bethrothed of Hakuya. It's obvious that this whole show revolves around her. Her role as a straight man to the antics of the rest of the cast works like a charm. And it's really nice to see how she slowly turns "dere dere" towards Hakuya.

The sound department of this anime deserves a mention too. Mashiro's voice acting is really good (even though this is her VA's first role). The same can be said for Benio's voice acting too, she wouldn't be as funny if the voice actor wasn't this good.

The OP and the ED of this anime is addicting. The OP, Tomadoi Recipie, is an upbeat song that will make you want to listen to the first parts again and again (a youtuber made a 10-hour loop of it) And the ED, Mashiro World is one of the cutest EDs of this season.

In short, Mikakunin is a must if you want a decent SOL-Rom-Com. Or rather, don't take my word, take your judgement. Go watch it. See if you like it.