Apr 10, 2014
NessaChan (All reviews)
Tarou-san is a little boy who loves to play train with his friends. One day, his dad brings him home an electric train set. Overjoyed, he plays with it long into the night. When it is finally time for bed, Tarou cuddles up next to his new train set, and dreams he is on a train with many funny animals who cause various wacky hijinks.

This delightful little silent short combines live action with animation. A novel idea, and it works well. The retro animation lover or silent film nerd will both enjoy it equally. Even if you can't read the Japanese title cards, you can still understand the story.

The wacky animals are enjoyable and the story itself is very charming. This is a good start to see where Japanese animation began. Also, seeing the clothes & household of late-1920s Japan is very interesting. It's well worth 15 minutes of your time to see this little piece of history.