Apr 7, 2009
Sheepdude (All reviews)
A wonderful shounen anti-war film which slipped through the cracks.

The amazing art will surely catch your eye. The vintage styling, reminiscent of "Now and Then, Here and There", will make you think you're watching a film that's much older than a 2000 movie. The Boy Who Saw the Wind's classic look paints the film as a tribal fantasy epic, despite its technologically-advanced universe. The result is a multi-temporal environment which is nostalgic, modern, and futuristic, all at the same time.

Within this universe, the common boy-saves-girl anti-war drama takes place, of which Now and Then, Laputa, Conan, and Agito are variants. The Boy Who Saw the Wind makes its mark among these through its tragic plot and awesome visuals.

The only pitfall of this film is the hurried direction which takes place in the second half, most likely due to time or budget constraints. The lack of build-up and anticipation at this point makes the film seem like it's jumping around, but nothing important is left out.

The Boy Who Saw the Wind is worth watching, especially if you enjoyed any of the above-mentioned works.