Apr 7, 2014
ccmdo (All reviews)
Chronicles of the Going Home Club; yet another school comedy?

Everyday, literally millions of school comedy anime are brought forth into existence. No joke. It’s a somewhat... saturated market where the term “sink or swim” springs to mind.

And to start this review, I’ll admit. Going Home Club went the way of the majestic rock. Rocks have, infact, never been very good swimmers, but perhaps I’m getting slightly off topic.

Of course, just because one rock… I mean anime, gets dragged under the clambering of other more popular shows doesn’t mean it’s bad. If anything, Going Home Club is misunderstood.

For instance, those seeking a show with “character development” will be thoroughly disappointed. There is none. In place of the more common multidimensional characters, we have factory-grade shells with satirically stereotypical personalities bolted on. In short we have the enthusiastic to the point of crazy leader, the tried and tested moe cute one, the ultra-rich oblivious one, the athletic fighting one, and the sane one that shouts at the rest.

These characters exist simply to provide a facade through which Going Home Club serves comedy. And not just any comedy. Comedy which refreshingly strays into territories most atypical of the school comedy genre. Two distinct shades of humor color Going Home Club.The outrageous shade includes nonsensical situations, and 4th wall smashing. And then there’s the subtle shade, which often pokes fun at itself, rather, by proxy, anime cliches in general.

The contrast between the highly rational Natsuki and the situational absurdities the other characters enact invites an audience to draw their own observations, which is ultimately rather rewarding. This style of comedy often rears its head in British comedies, which revolve around the observational limits and awareness of their audiences.

If you’re up to speed on popular culture, there are a ton of references throughout this series to keep you busy, checking countless “I do slash know about that thing” off your list.

So, if you find yourself looking for something a little bit different, something laid back, and something that doesn’t take itself seriously, I urge you to consider giving Going Home Club a try. To use an analogy, if school comedy anime are like skimming flat stones across the water of their own beach episode, Going Home Club is like throwing a majestic rock into a puddle.