Apr 1, 2014
xia0baichi (All reviews)
"Connect with Dio"

You would think that this is just some other Gundam rip-off, but no. It's a new kind of mecha where they bring in time travel and buddy thing as how the title is.

Story: 9/10
Its simple, the guy in the past go to future then become some cool character then the story slowly unfold how it ended up in 1st episode. War between two nations/country... robot mecha fight around, yea. I like mecha.

Art: 8/10
The character are normal, but the art of Luxon and Bradyon is nice, and when both of them in coupling mode is so damn cool, like how the wings glow and all the cg effects stuff. But the 2 mecha still look like some No-grade Gundam. If Buddy Complex have more budget, the mecha will definitely look nicer with a bit of more detail.

Sound: 9/10
I like both the opening and ending, not bad except the ending give me the feel of watching gundam seed ending. Nevertheless, everything sounds right in this anime.

Character: 10/10
I gonna admit, I like Hina a lot in this anime, just because of her long black hair and purple eyes and definitely how pretty she is. HINA HINA HINA!!!! And seeing how Aoba and Dio slowly become good buddy is really fun, like how they always quarrel with each other but still care about one another. Other character in the anime are also well developed.

Enjoyment: 10/10
All the coupling scene is damn nice! Like how fast Luxon and Bradyon move after they coupled. The fight scene and laser everywhere!!!! I also enjoy how Aoba always talking about Hina as though Hina is his only one. But it's really enjoyable to see fast action mecha fight that is not one sided, even when it is, it will and must be overwhelming!

Overall: 9/10
SEASON 2!!!!!! So yea, they execute the ending for season 1 nicely, I thought it would be some Mahou Sensou's ending. The anime is enjoyable and no need to think so much when watching, because everything will be known episode after episode. And it's very straightforward anime.

So if you are interested in Mecha genre anime, it's not a bad idea to catch this one because you won't have much disappointment in it. Not the best mecha but one of the few good one! :)