Mar 31, 2014
VNitsua (All reviews)
I had very high hopes for Chuunibyou demo Koi Shitai! Ren. I have been a fan of the first season ever since I watched it, but I cannot say that with the second season.

With a slice of life, character development is important. Very. Important. And the first season, I believe, did a very good job at that. Behind the whimsical nature of the first season, there was a serious theme of growing up and what is lost when someone does. This was emulated through Rikka. Sadly, the second season doesn't touch this at all.

Instead, the second season has the audience follow the relationship of Yuta and Rikka. It is a full on romantic comedy, but it also fails at being a well-made one. The romance is tiring to watch and the comedy is pitiful. Isshiki becomes the center of horrible jokes and becomes nothing more than a town fool. "Hahaha! He's darker than he should be! Lol! A dude likes him!" The comedy revolving around Isshiki is lackluster and, at times, can be offending. The only saving grace from this hell is the romance of the anime. If I had to compare it to the hell of watching the comedy, I'd compare it to purgatory.

The romance is meant to be cute. The audience sees the couple in various situations that would never happen and watches as the couple takes their relationship an extremely small step forward every episode. Emphasis on the extreme. Yes, it's supposed to be cute seeing both of them blush at the thought of doing anything that involves their significant other, but it becomes a drag to witness. Even more enervating to watch is the half-ass attempt at creating a love triangle.

Shichimiya is the new character introduced this season, and she is also the old chuunibyou buddy of Yuta. And she is a horrible character. "I love Yuta, but Rikka loves him now. I'm sad. Now, I'm happy for Rikka and Yuta." That is the extent of her existence.

The main thing I find saddening in this last season is the chuunibyou. In the first season, it was the thing that was viewed as childish, something people grow out of. Eventually, the audience finds out that people can grow up and keep a part of them childish. Hence, Rikka's "grown-up" love for Yuta while she still keeps her chuunibyou. For this last season, there is now reason for the chuunibyou. It is just there. The main use for it in Ren is to provide comedy. Thankfully, the outrageous behavior of Rikka's, Shichimya's, and Dekomori's chuunibyou is still as funny as the first season.

Also, the anime keeps it's well done art and animation. It is pleasing to the eyes and softens the blow one gets from the other aspects of Ren. I found the OP fine and thought the ED was really good, but this is a rating of the show and not how much money a studio can pour into their OP's and ED's.

Overall, I was extremely disappointed. I went into Ren expecting more of the first season. With this tragedy, I hope that there will never be another sequel. My love for Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! has been stained.