Mar 29, 2014
Po_and_Dong (All reviews)
A series of anime shorts by Robot/Oh! Productions who have also produced some similar, unrelated shorts. This series has 6 episodes that are all no more than 3 minutes. It is basically a very short quaint, episodic story with no plot whatsoever and no overarching story. The shorts usually place Tortov Riddle travelling to some location with his gigantic camel pig, and doing or seeing something for a few minutes. The art style is fantastic, a picturesque, surreal, somewhat French inspired look that fits the tone of the short perfectly. It makes every short enjoyable and is basically the most unique part about the series. The music is also quite nice, use of the accordian, piano, and violin. Goes well with the art style and the tone the shorts are setting, making the actual watch more enjoyable. The stories don't have alot of symbolic meaning, although there could be something I missed. But I think they are just meant to be rainy day stories and not supposed to be overthought, if anything it was a style experiment. All of shorts are worth a watch at some point, you can torrent the whole thing for like 300mb.