Mar 28, 2014
Gonzo-lewd (All reviews)
What do you usually get out of something that is inherently a marketing ploy, for an animation studio no less, for an anime? For the vast majority of people, they don’t really think of it that much and just go with the flow while they’re getting suckered into the gimmick. Not that there’s anything wrong with that at all. When the marketing has something to show for it with lots of fun creativity mixed in to make the experience worthwhile to go through, it can be conceived as quality entertainment for the masses. Now take most of those qualities away that make the show quality entertainment and you have Super Sonico the Animation.

Showcasing the boobilicious Super Sonico, the mascot of the company Nitroplus, the show is mainly existing just to appease to the fans of Sonico to have her own show where she is the main star. I, myself, never really knew much about this particular character outside of being just a part of some April Fools joke that Nitroplus put out in the ONA for Madoka Magica until I saw the poster for the Winter season and showed her in nothing but a tight slim bikini. Likewise, I was intrigued to see where Nitroplus was going with this angle of giving their own mascot some much needed life into her to make her more than just something purely for the sake of aesthetic beauty, for better or for worse. By the time I was half-way done with the show, I couldn’t help but wonder how a show like this can’t seem to get down the important steps of making a character endearing and charming.

Getting right down to it, this whole show is mainly just about Sonico, and the show doesn’t even try to make the rest of characters even slightly interesting or entertaining. Sonico must have enough charisma to carry the show forward to keep the charm looking fresh on the eyes and pleasant to listen to with our ears. Unfortunately, the amount of personality is almost second to none by the simple fact that she’s just not a fleshed out character in the slightest. In the sense that whenever I look at Sonico, It’s not that she’s a bad character because her only reason for existing is that she has big breasts. It’s just that, all I see from her archetype is a mascot. Throughout the majority of the time, they do absolutely nothing to make her seem like more than just a mascot and we simply watch her do everyday activities without any significant growth.

There’s even an episode where they actually give Sonico some bit of material that actually makes her more of a human character that involves her interacting with other people and learning about what they do and how they live out their lives, without any kind of fanservice shoved down our throats as most people would expect. Now this becomes a big problem in a form of a question: What is this show exactly supposed to be? Is it a purely fanservice show? A slice of life show? An all-girl rock band show? Or is it a zombie horror show? All of these genres mixed together in an episodic fashion, badly I might add, make Super Sonico a show extremely puzzling to figure out what it wants to be. It can be frustrating for me who just wanted a fun fanservice show to only have around 3-4 episodes entirely devoted to it and the rest are only partially present; and even those aren’t really that titillating to even be acknowledged.

To extrapolate my point about Sonico being a flat character, many might see that her cheery personality and optimistic nature fuels her as likable and charismatic. You can have a character like Sonico just fine with those qualities, but you can’t just rely on them alone because it makes her as a person with no humanity. Like I said, since she’s nothing more than a mascot character, I can never see her as anything else but that unless she’s been given enough development for me or anyone to care about her. Sadly the amount of scenes that are shared with Sonico and her friends wouldn’t be enough to see Sonico as anything but vapid.

As you might already know, Super Sonico’s music consists mainly of your standard J-rock compositions that play from the Opening, Ending, and some concert scenes in some of the episodes. These are actually some of the best qualities of Super Sonico. The opening theme is rhythmically fast and with a fast vocal performance that compliment each other very well. There’s always a different ED song in each episode which is always welcomed especially with a show that’s focused on music. The concert scenes, despite the rather average CG animation on the characters, are nice to listen to thanks to the top-notch vocals.

The technical aspects of the show do have some high quality art to make the show look pretty by the animation studio White Fox, who’s no stranger to animating some of Nitroplus’s more well-known original works such as Steins;Gate. Not to say that Super Sonico achieves that same level of quality as that show, or even White Fox's other recent effort Hataraku Maou-sama. Sonico, herself, is drawn nicely with her firm thighs and nice breasts complimenting her well-endowed figure. I’ve briefly mentioned about the CG in the concert scenes and that’s probably the weakest aspect about the animation. Don’t come here and expect Angel Beats quality concert animation with this one. There were several moments where the drummer’s playing style wasn’t syncing correctly with the music and even with some of the guitar playing as well.

I could consider this show as somewhat of a disappointment, but on the other hand, I wasn’t really expecting much either. There may have been some good ideas to show forth in giving some decent fanservice for the season, but after a while I just kept looking at the clock to see if the episode was almost over. The show just kept dragging on and on over really simplistic characters that aren’t all that enthralling or entertaining to look at. It’s far from the worst though. It would just be best to listen to the OSTs of the show and have fun with those than the actual fanservice. When even that becomes more memorable than the titillation, that’s not a negative to be taken lightly.

Grade: D+